Johannesburg gold stocks slay records as virus bolsters bullion
The rally in gold prices driven by investor concern about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on the global economy has propelled SA gold stocks.
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Public enterprises still working with other departments to address SA Express problems
The Department of Public Enterprises has dismissed media reports that government has declined to assist with retrenchment packages for South African Express..
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Meat lovers get bullish on beef that comes from old dairy cows
What Spaniards know is that even more than time spent in the dry-aging locker, great steaks come from time spent on the hoof.
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What happens to cruise ships during Covid-19
Hundreds of people lined the banks of Glasgow’s River Clyde a few weeks ago for the rare sight of a small, high-end cruise ship sailing upriver.
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Serena will have fresh perspective when tennis returns, feels Evert
Tennis great Chris Evert feels Serena Williams can make the most of this Covid-19 induced lockdown and aim to clinch a 24th Grand Slam title.
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Collina says VAR must not show 'wrong idea of solidarity' with refs
Speaking at the World Football Summit, Italian Pierluigi Collina also stressed the importance of on-field referees using pitchside monitors during games to review decisions.
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Crusaders provide furious finish to beat Blues
The home side have now won all four of their Super Rugby Aotearoa matches and ended the Blues' seven-game winning streak across both Super Rugby and the local competition.
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Wimbledon to disburse prize money in lieu of cancelled Championships
Wimbledon, which was initially scheduled for June 29-July 12, was cancelled for the first time since World War Two due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has killed more than 44,000 people in the United Kingdom.
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'I’m just longing for my child and for any good news'
A desperate father hopes his 8-year-old daughter who had fallen into a canal near 8th Avenue in Belgravia Estate, is found.
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Lockdown measures harder to enforce
A decline in compliance with lockdown regulations will limit its effectiveness in curbing the Covid-19 spread, according to a study.
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How governments around the world can act now to prevent future pandemics
Governments need to act to prevent zoonotic diseases from jumping from their animal hosts to humans, writes Sheree Bega.
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Roger went from being tied up at taxi rank to being fought over in court and eventually flown across the world
A small white Maltese-terrier cross has gone from being abandoned to winning the hearts of two different families on two continents.
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